Jan 2017
Gas Distribution
Flexible biomethane production using carboxylic acids
Jan 2017
Jan 2020
Wales and West Utilities
Ian Marshall (Green Gas Development Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The work builds on the proof of concept research undertaken at the USW on anaerobic biological processes' design and operation, profiling and development of enriched microbial cultures and implementation of novel monitoring, modelling and control strategies for hydrolysis, acid fermentations and methanogenic conversions, and their integration with electrochemical and physical separation and concentration processes.

  • Task 1) MPhil/PhD registration, lab H&S inductions/training; gas network info login (provided by partner) and introduction of lab and modelling techniques (Month 1-3);
  • Task 2) Evaluate the range of spatial and temporal demands within a variety of natural gas networks and select model regions/network conditions (Month 2-5);
  • Task 3) Evaluate a selection of integrations between novel biotechnology reactors operating on a range of organics as well as inorganic gases with chemical/enzyme/membrane processing/separations to facilitate daily/weekly and inter-seasonal energy storage to enable rapid conversions to methane when necessary (Month 3- 30);
  • Task 4) Establish and evaluate a supervisory control system that links predictive modelling for gas network demand with novel control strategies for the biotech plant operation (Month 12-32);
  • Task 5) Establish the technical, economic and environmental feasibility for the implementation of this novel concept of energy storage, which is flexible and enhance green methane production using an integrated and low cost energy storage strategy which will facilitate a greater AD and other renewable energies deployment (Month 20-32);
  • Task 6) Devise strategies for full scale implementation of the concept and quantify the potential for Wales/UK for such a technological concept (Month 30-36);

To determine whether it is both technically feasible and cost effective to implement a novel concept of energy storage based on carboxylic acids for flexible and enhanced methane production to meet gas demand in various networks throughout the year

Producing clear evidence as to whether a novel concept of energy storage based on carboxylic acids would allow flexible biomethane production in various networks throughout the year.