Oct 2016
Gas Distribution
Feasibility study – Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
Oct 2016
Mar 2017
Wales and West Utilities
Ben Morgan (LTS Pipelines Asset Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
The proposed project runs for approximately 5 months and is a single phase project. The research objective is to assess the opportunity presented by drone technology within visual line of sight. The scope of the project is to assess the application of within line of sight drone technology to undertake existing survey requirements. A survey will be undertaken to compare drone captured data against traditional survey techniques, specifically targeting risers and above ground crossings. The report will document restrictions and opportunities associated with the drones ability to access different types of locations. The findings will be summarised by a report that will be shared on the Smarter Networks portal.

A third party will be utilised to co-ordinate with the drone provider and WWU’s operational teams. The third party will then assess the data and develop a report outlining the below:

  1. Is the drone data collected good enough to inform engineering based decisions
  2. If so what type of assets could be surveyed to give meaningful data
  3. What are the lessons learnt from the process leading up to trails
  4. Any future options/next steps

Assess and report on the suitability of using drone technology to undertake surveys routinely carried out by gas networks.

  1. Understanding the strengths and weakness of drone surveys against traditional techniques. Specifically looking at the captured data and process.

  2. Understand the strengths and weakness of drones to access and collect data for hard to reach areas.