Mar 2017
Gas Distribution
GPS Enabled Video in Route-Walk Surveys
Mar 2017
Nov 2017
Wales and West Utilities
Nick Falconer
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The proposed project runs for 8 months and is a two phase project. The technical innovation will develop and demonstrate RouteShoot technology, a product that combines the video and GPS capabilities of a consumer mobile “smart” phone with the capabilities of modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to plot a route from the video asset taken by the phone and project onto a map. The scope of the project is to determine the legal position and trade union acceptance, which is the first phase of the project and then to configure the route-walk system and determine the choice of camera for the system, conduct field trials and produce system and procedure documentation.

To field test this new technology with WWU operatives to test its functionality and operational benefits and to provide a summarised report.

To collect a body of evidence to support this new technology, produce a GPS enabled video that has been tested in the field and that is at a stage to be transferred to business as usual for all networks advantage.