Mar 2017
Gas Distribution
Climate Change Impact Mapping
Mar 2017
Jul 2020
Wales and West Utilities
Morgan James, LTS Pipelines Asset Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks

Taking the learning from the pilot study, the climate change impact mapping data will be tested across a wide geography to demonstrate the benefits, both known and not yet known, against a network of assets. This stage of delivering climate change impact mapping will test the solution to demonstrate the prototype in a fully operational environment, with testing and development proving the product works in its final form and under expected conditions. The project scope intends to:

1. Develop the modelling output for the whole WWU network geography;

2. Develop case studies to share the learning of using the data via multiple engagement avenues, including the Smarter Networks Portal; and to

3. Feed back to the Smarter Networks Portal at the closure of the project

The themes will be made available as data layers in a variety of formats to allow easy integration with existing Geographical Information Systems and straightforward commencement of understanding risk, developing a maintenance strategy and delivering timely intervention to existing assets. Additionally, the data will allow, thorough planning, to future-proof new assets against climate impacts.

To develop and demonstrate the technology for the geographical area of WWU to better understand the benefits and opportunities that the availability of such data can provide when making future investment decisions.

To collect a body of evidence to support this technical innovation. that delivers the intended result & is a useful tool to meet our obligations as a responsible business.