Feb 2016
Gas Distribution
Cornwall Energy Island
Feb 2016
Jul 2016
Wales and West Utilities
Steve Harding (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The research project will include reviewing the existing gas network and energy demands in Cornwall in the context of meeting the criteria in the “problem” section above, as follows:
  • Past, present and future seasonal base and Peak Energy Demand provided by the Gas Network and that which would potentially need to be met by other energy sources. This will include looking at any challenges and/or ‘gaps’ in current proposals for using alternative energy sources, for example, the capability to store energy to meet seasonal and peak demands.
  • Modelling a range of scenarios using the existing gas network and lower carbon gas to meet different seasonal energy demand options in Cornwall. This will include as a minimum the six scenarios of 100%; 50%; 30%, 20%, 10% of domestic gas supply; and base domestic gas load being provided by lower carbon gas and/or other alternative energy sources, including solar and wind. Each of these scenarios respectively will include the following:
  • Reliability, Availability, Resilience & Sustainability of the energy provided by lower carbon gas using the existing gas networks and that of other alternative energy sources, for example, solar and wind. This will include this requirement being considered in conjunction with the interrelated aims of costs and carbon savings, as appropriate.
  • Likely costs of the various scenarios to key stakeholders, for example, domestic consumers, including fuel poor consumers in Cornwall.
  • Reasonable investment needed into the gas network infrastructure in the County of Cornwall to provide for lower carbon gas supplied by the existing Gas Network and to estimate other investment in alternative energy sources, including solar and wind.
  • The existing storage of energy in the Gas Network, and the capacity and storage capability of the Gas Network in Cornwall for future scenarios. The storage implications for alternative energy sources, including solar and wind.
  • The environmental impact from the various scenarios, to work towards Cornwall becoming as close to carbon neutral as necessary, including the carbon saved to support Cornwall in achieving carbon reduction targets from heating and cooking and to meet Climate Change objectives.
  • How the proposed scenarios are likely to impact on consumer behaviours and implementation feasibility over various future time periods.
  • Researching various time horizons to deliver practical and workable solutions, including addressing physical constraints, costs and time taken in changing consumer behaviour(s).

    For the purposes of the study and to keep the variables within reason, this research will focus on average domestic properties in Cornwall and within the existing estimated energy demands for domestic properties in Cornwall.

To research the energy needs of Cornwall that will build on the outcomes of a previous suite of Network Innovation Allowance funded projects entitled ‘Bridgend Future Modelling’ .  This project aims to investigate the capacity & storage of energy.

Delivery of a report that examines current energy demands in Cornwall and provides evidence that will allow discussion and decision-making from an enhanced understanding of any potential opportunities; and to aim to enable the UK Gas Networks to be in a position to plan and deliver any future strategic opportunities to help the UK meet the challenges of the energy trilemma and bring benefits to a range of stakeholders.