Jan 2016
Gas Distribution
Project Blackout
Jan 2016
Jul 2016
Wales and West Utilities
Jenny Brenton-Davies Network Control Manager (jenny.brenton-davies@wwutilities.co.uk)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will be programmed in six phases. These are outlined below:
  • Phase 1 - Feasibility workshop, outlining all required tasks (both code development and testing) amongst both WWU engineers and all consultants.
  • Phase 2 - A basic demonstration of technical feasibility using representative data. A desktop exercise to develop & test a new software for reception and activation.
  • Phase 3 - Integration of technology elements. Experimenting with the control room interaction of the developed software
  • Phase 4 - Thorough testing of prototype software in a representative environment. A simulation using a dummy offtake to demonstrate developed software and test basic technology elements with existing software
  • Phase 5 - Feasibility demonstration in actual system application at a single site. Firstly at controlled site in Wales using Controller Type 1.
  • Phase 6 - Feasibility demonstration in actual system application at a single site. Secondly at a controlled site in the South West using Controller Type 2.

To have ‘intelligent’ software installed at offtakes to allow sites to maintain optimal flow control in the event of a telemetry blackout.  Flow control based on the most current Control Room strategy OPN data sent to National Grid.  This will improve the quality of flow control during blackout periods making processes more efficient and robust and reducing the impact on the NTS and labour resources.

The development and demonstration of software which is tested for suitability and purpose so that in the event of a telemetry outage at any such offtake the RTU is capable of maintaining flow control based on a down loaded profile that is updated with a new file sent from the Control Room during the day.