Jun 2014
Gas Distribution
Orbis Oxifree (TM198) Corrosion Coating
Jun 2014
May 2016
SGN, National Grid Gas Distribution, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of the project is to validate the product’s suitability for use on GB gas networks. Work should include application of the method to a number of differing sites both above and below ground. This will allow the team to determine the potential success of the product in differing environmental conditions. Field trials should be conducted across the networks at a number of locations in order to highlight any areas or situations in which this product should not be used (i.e. engineering, social or geographic regions which may present challenging circumstances). Further, it might be included in the scope of this project to conduct regular ‘checkbacks’ on assets treated using this product to determine any changes to asset life expectancy. The project should finally be used to determine in particular, which assets and equipment are appropriate for use with this product (and any that are not suitable).

A work procedure should be produced and tested to ensure that a suitable protocol is in place for the product to be used safely and efficiently. A formal report should be produced and submitted to record all learning generated from the project to be shared with all appropriate parties.

The objectives are to:

  • Establish to what degree the validation testing for the offshore environment aligns with the validation requirements of the GB gas distribution environment, and to identify any testing gaps that may exist.
  • Perform any offline material/application testing as identified in the above objective to give confidence that the Oxifree coating presents no risks if used on GB gas distribution assets.
  • Trial the application of the Oxifree coating on a variety of networks assets to enable the following aspects to be assessed and determine:
    •  Costs for the application of the system for various asset types against existing costs of repair.
    •  Practicalities of using the coating system in a GB gas distribution network and the challenges of the varying environments.
    •  The performance of the technology over a six month period as compared to similar assets that have not received protective treatment.
In order to determine whether this project has been successful, the following key milestones will be achieved:

  • Testing to determine whether the product can reach a point where no further offline testing is required.

  • Assessment as to whether further testing will be required of applied coating

  • Upon approval, a range of assets as identified by GDNs as part of the project are to be trialled with Orbis Oxifree Corrosion Coating. Inspections will be carried out to assess whether the coating has any form of detrimental effect on the assets.

  • Assessment to determine whether the coating will contribute to an overall saving in asset life expectancy and associated costs.

  • A comprehensive list of the extent to which the product can be applied. Thus establishing the potential benefits of the product.