Jun 2015
Gas Distribution
Bridgend Future Modelling – Phase 2 – Willingness to Pay
Jun 2015
Aug 2015
Wales and West Utilities
Chris Clarke, Director of Asset Management and HS&E
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Network Innovation Allowance
Heat Pumps, Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Gas Distribution Networks, Modelling, Commercial and Stakeholder Engagement
The scope of this work would be in the following stages:

Phase 1

  1. Assess current available options for energy supply and willingness to pay based on known examples (gas, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, heat networks etc)

  2. Carry out a document search of stakeholder engagement to confirm current willingness to pay. Search carried out over the internet and summarised as part of the final report.

  3. Investigate and confirm the willingness of pay split by landlord, public and private owned properties within the Bridgend area.

  4. Forecast the willingness to pay over time within the Bridgend area.

Phase 2

  1. Draft report to conclude findings and inform next stage of project if required

To confirm the likely impact of the introduction of alternative forms of energy on the gas distribution network, by understanding the level of uptake over time.

Broken down as:

  1. Produce model to assess what incentives would be needed and over what time period
  2. Establish an investment appraisal period
  3. Assess the impact on the customer bill
  4. Research and confirm customer behaviour in previous examples and therefore inform what ranges and period of payback would make people switch to alternative forms of energy supply
A financial model and report that evidences the likely uptake of alternative forms of energy and therefore quantifies the impact on gas distribution in the future; to include initial uptake after installation and rate of uptake over time.