Apr 2015
Gas Distribution
Bridgend Future Modelling
Apr 2015
Jun 2015
Wales and West Utilities
Chris Clarke - Email : chris.clarke@wwutilities.co.uk
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of this work would be in the following stages:

1. Initial Research into work already completed and available and model build

2. NPV calculations for ASHP; GSHP and Heat Network

3. Evaluate the impact on Bridgend Network based on cost of carbon abated – DECC non-traded rate (£76/tonne) and at upper limit (based on NPV calculations above

4. Document findings in a report and recommend the scope of future research

To produce a report that evidences how gas will be used in the future, at a dwelling level by evaluating alternative heat sources in terms of cost (including cost per tonne of carbon saved), reliability (intermittency & availability).

A report that provides a view of how gas will be used in the future, at dwelling level and recommends any future research areas.