Feb 2015
Gas Distribution
Smarter Network Control
Feb 2015
Nov 2015
Wales and West Utilities
Steve Hiscocks (stephen.hiscocks@wwutilities.co.uk), Martyn Pallant (martyn.pallant@wwutilities.co.uk)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The first project phase will undertake a workshop based trial of proposed hardware and software alongside current hardware and software to compare performance. If Phase 1 proves successful, a trial will be undertaken on a live network configuration to prove actual deployment into the field.

Finally, the performance of the hardware and software against currently deployed systems in terms of reliability and performance improvement potential will be reviewed and a final report will be written.

To identify where alternative hardware and software maybe available to WWU for deployment in the field to monitor, manage and potentially improve system pressures to minimise emissions associated with the operation of pressure regulating equipment and downstream supply pressures. Additionally, the ability to undertake remote diagnostics and maintenance will be trialled. 

WWU will measure the success of the project against the following points • Hardware and software installation at a controlled location (Treforest) for initial monitoring• Evaluation of the potential benefits of the new system against existing systems• Identifying any performance improvements in network average system pressure.