Jul 2014
Gas Distribution
Iron Mains Condition Assessment System Phase 3
Jul 2014
Jan 2016
Wales and West Utilities and National Grid Gas Distribution
Ian Marshall – WWU Project Manager (Lead) ian.marshall@wwutilities.co.uk, Lucy Mason – WWU Innovation Manager, Andy Newton – NGGD Innovation Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks

The scope of Phase 3 is to:

  1. Finalise and construct a live deployment ready prototype of the tool, live entry system, in pipe motive system, software and systems and reporting methods as well as the processes required to deploy and retrieve the tool successfully and cost efficiently.

  2. Conduct trials to prove the tool, systems, processes and consistency of outputs. This will initially be don’t through deployment into a re-pressurised (air or nitrogen) section of abandoned 12” cast or spun iron main to provide confidence of the tools suitability to be deployed into the live network.

  3. Deploy the tool onto the WWU and NGGD live networks and conduct a minimum of 1 km of completed surveys.

  4. Review the options to develop the tool for use in other diameter mains (initial work will focus on 12”) and longer survey lengths.

  5. Develop initial internal understanding of the results and potential impact on the networks as well as robust systems governing the requirement of the deployment of the tool following the completion of the project – this will be aided with the use of independent external consultants to validate the output of the tool and what the results indicate with regards to the impact on the integrity of the surveyed network.

This phase will look to develop a tool, systems and processes that will have been proven in the live network. This phase will also look to collect sufficient useable data on iron mains condition, through the trials included within the scope of this phase, to aid the development of a use case, with appropriate consultation with external stakeholders, to guide and support the subsequent deployment of a production version of the tool.

  • Construction, completion and demonstration of a deployment ready tool, live entry system, software, systems and processes.

  • Demonstration of tool and systems ability to deploy, operate, and be retrieved from a re-pressurised (air or nitrogen) section of abandoned main with simulated loads / flows as well as successful demonstration of the suitability and functionality of the failsafe mechanisms.

  • Successful demonstration of the tool and associated systems in the live gas network with a minimum of 1 km of 12” mains successfully surveyed with a demonstration of the ability to generate reliable and consistent data from which investment decisions could be made.

  • Validation of the outputs of the technique from the independent consultants.