May 2014
Gas Distribution
Treatment & Re-use of Gasholder Sludge
May 2014
Nov 2015
Wales and West Utilities
Oliver Lancaster
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Having proved the viability of the project in a small scale site trial and bench scale laboratory testing, the innovative step to full-scale application is now possible. The full scale project will involve:

  1. Centrifuging of sludges at one site.

  2. Alkali leaching of the sludge.

  3. Construction of bioremediation piles.

  4. Treatment of the biopiles using additives proven through the treatment trial, aeration, moisture content control and atmospheric monitoring within the sludge material.

  5. Stabilisation and solidification of bio-treated sludge.

  6. Validation/verification of material placed in the annulus/base of the receiving tank to ensure it meets the requirements of the environmental regulators.

To have a cost efficient, sustainable solution for the management of gasholder sludge.

Demonstration that the technologies used within the scope of the project, work effectively both from the perspective of cost reduction and that they meet the regulatory requirements of the Environment Agency and the principals of the CL:AIRE Code of Practice to deliver a sustainable solution.