May 2014
Gas Distribution
Soil & Groundwater Remediation Technologies for Gasworks and Gasholders Sites
May 2014
Nov 2014
Wales and West Utilities
Oliver Lancaster
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will consist of one stage and it is envisaged that the document “Soil and Groundwater Remediation Technologies for Gasworks and Gasholder Sites” will be produced. Under each heading there is a description of how the information would be gathered and why it should be included.

It will include:

Background, research and report.

Drivers & legislative position

Description of the treatment technologies and processes

A study of previous case studies both UK & globally

Identify opportunities for technology gaps, developments and their technology readiness levels.

To seek understanding of the key issues and contaminants that all Gas Distribution Networks face when remediating gasworks and gasholder sites and produce a report that can be used for future reference material giving insight into new and emerging approaches for this problem area.

The development and production of a report detailing the most innovative and up-to-date methods of soil and groundwater remediation technologies for gasworks and gasholder sites.