Dec 2013
Gas Distribution
Iron Mains Condition Assessment System Phase 3a
Dec 2013
Feb 2014
Wales and West Utilities and National Grid Gas Distribution
Ian Marshall (Green Gas Development Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of Phase 3A is to:

  • Conduct a number of destructive tests on representative samples of cast iron main to determine a baseline level of strain that  the tool will need to able to accurately detect and measure / the level at which cast iron would be expected to fail.

  • To conduct a feasibility study on the options for inserting the tool into and extracting it from tier 2 cast iron mains to inform the design and development of the final tool.

This phase of the project will identify the level of strain at which cast iron mains can be expected to fail and confirm the tools ability to detect this.  Furthermore, it will identify & develop the options for entering the tool into the mains and traversing within the main.

Demonstrate the conditions at which cast iron pipe failure occurs & ability of the tool to detect these. A report detailing the options for entering and traversing along the mains