Dec 2013
Gas Distribution
Asset Health & Criticality Modeling
Dec 2013
Oct 2014
Wales and West Utilities, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and National Grid Gas Distribution
Gareth Robinson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The purpose of the project is to provide a new methodology for delivering the requirements for Ofgem reporting. The collaborative working across the GDNs will provide a consistent benchmark for reporting a complex solution in a pragmatic way. The external service provider will be looking to determine pioneering research into deterioration models and probability of failure analysis using a nationwide data set. This will then be cross referenced with condition analysis based on current data and historical trends.

The objective of this project is to:

  • Develop a consistent reporting framework that is able to score NTS Offtakes, PRSs and District Governors on asset health, criticality, probability of failure and deterioration.
  • Provide a system that must be readily accessible and easily incorporated into the asset management working activities of all the GDNs.
  • Liaise with all GDNs throughout the process to establish key milestones, interrogate current asset repositories and relevant fault data
Throughout the project there will be frequent meetings held by the SRWG and with the external candidate to update on project progress and keep within key milestones. Each stage will have its own deliverables and targets which the project will measure against the original scope. The project seeks to deliver:

  • Demonstrable models for deriving asset health, criticality, probability of failure and deterioration

  • Provide a solution that meets the needs of Ofgem

  • Integration of the model into the businesses of each GDN

  • Provide final project report.