Feb 2013
Gas Distribution
Unconventional gases within the onshore gas networks
Feb 2013
Dec 2013
Wales and West Utilities, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and National Grid Gas Distribution
Ian Dunston - Wales & West Utilities
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
To produce standards for biogas gathering pipelines and biomethane injection into the gas distribution networks. To produce documents for use within the onshore gas industry and a report relating to the impact of shale gas on the gas distribution networks.

To provide Network Operators and suppliers/operators of biomethane plants with a UK standard for connection to the gas distribution network.. It will include the requirements of any plant in relation to minimum connection, gas odourisation, dewpoint, gas quality measurement etc. This will provide consistency across the gas industry for the benefit of suppliers/operators of biomethane installations and gas distribution network operators.

To stipulate the safe & efficient requirements of any Biogas collection network.

To enable shale gas deposits to be developed in a safe and reliable manner, in order for the gas to be utilized either as a stand alone energy source or for injection into the gas distribution network. This will also involve a report to identify the issues of shale gas extraction and the likely impact of shale gas injection into the gas distribution networks.

In all cases to ensure that all relevant legislative requirements are met.

  • Production of standard IGEM /TD/16

  • Production of standard IGEM /TD/17

  • Production of Guidance note IGEM/G/11

  • Production of shale gas report.