Aug 2020
Gas Distribution and Electricity Distribution
Aug 2020
Jul 2021
Wales and West Utilities and London Power Networks
Oliver Lancaster (Wales & West Utilities) and Jack McKellar (UK Power Networks)
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future and GD - Environment and low carbon
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies and Heat Pumps
A project to demonstrate the efficiencies of installing a single-unit hybrid heating system to further develop customer acceptability, minimise disruption, improve cost efficiency and enhance smart controls with boiler modulation
  • Establish the asset, installation and operational costs of using a single unit hybrid heating system to deliver grid flexibility services.
  • Demonstrate system benefits of large-scale deployment of such low cost, integrated hybrid heating systems with an aggregated dDSR control system.
  • Capture and analyse consumer feedback on the comfort levels provided and other aspects such as noise, visual appearance, installation experience, bill impact etc.
  • Analyse and evaluate the performance of a single unit hybrid heating system for various types of housing stock
  • Provide project partners with a full operational data set, reporting on performance and network impacts and support project dissemination and promotion activities.
Results and outputs developed by this project will contribute to the understanding of the UK’s roadmap to net zero. This includes:
  • reduction of consumer carbon emissions
  • opportunities for lower energy bills through increased heating system efficiencies
  • reduced energy cost arising from demand flexibility services
  • role of hybrids in a low carbon energy system.
The unit is expected to come at a lower capital cost and lower installation cost, as well as provide heat at a lower operational cost than a smart hybrid system with two separate units. The downward capital cost trajectory for the single unit hybrid system is also expected to stay lower than the trajectory of the smart hybrid system with two separate units.