Jan 2020
Electricity Distribution
Presumed Open Data (POD)
Jan 2020
Jan 2021
Western Power Distribution
Sam Rossi Ashton
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
Commercial, Comms & IT, Cyber Security, Environmental, Network Monitoring, Stakeholder Engagement and Substation Monitoring
There is a large amount of useful data which is published about the energy sector through mandatory reports, innovation trials and consumer tools. However, datasets are often published on standalone webpages with limited descriptions.  This makes it very difficult for both incumbents and innovators to discover, search and understand datasets.

This project will review all data held by WPD to ascertain the extent that it can be shared with third-parties.  Use cases will then be developed using the data that can be shared.  The dataset with the highest value will be processed, standardised, and published so the identified use cases can be fully realised.
The project has two objectives:
  1. Maximise the visibility of data. The data hub will make data discoverable, searchable, and provide visibility through standardised metadata.
  2. Maximise the value of data.  The data hub will make understandable by employing common structures and interfaces.
Maximising the visibility and value of data could:

  • Faster decarbonise the energy system through easier identification of capacity for the connection of LCT assets.
  • Provide a better ‘whole of system’ view promoting better system security.
  • Enhance third-party interactions promoting better flexibility response behaviour and greater opportunities for flexibility revenue.
  • Facilitate the realisation new commercial opportunities from the creation of new markets with new players.
  • Reduce customer bills through a more strategic deployment of community-owned LCTs.
  • Optimise procurement regarding asset location, size, or function.
  • Better identify whether flexibility or build is a better solution where constraint exists.