Sep 2019
Electricity Distribution
Harmonic Mitigation
Sep 2019
Feb 2022
Western Power Distribution
Yiango Mavrocostanti
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Control Systems and Harmonics
The Harmonic Mitigation project will simulate a new solution for managing the harmonics in the network. This solution will consist of an algorithm which will be controlling existing inverters in order to improve harmonics.
The main objectives of the project are:
  • Completion of literature review on existing solutions for managing network harmonics.
  • Creation of an algorithm that by controlling each inverter individually is managing the network’s harmonics.
  • Creation of an algorithm that by controlling all inverters in the network is managing the network’s harmonics.
By having alternative ways of controlling the network’s harmonics, WPD can improve harmonic level management and safeguard its assets and customers’ equipment. Additionally, finding low cost ways to manage the network’s harmonic levels could prevent customers’ electricity bills from rising. This cannot be avoided if expensive, conventional methods of harmonic management are the only option. The increased control of the network’s harmonic levels will also mean that WPD is better positioned to make informed decisions and, potentially, allow LCTs to connect that would not, otherwise, have been viable.