Sep 2019
Electricity Distribution
PCB Sniffer
Sep 2019
Aug 2020
Western Power Distribution
Steven Pinkerton Clark
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - New technologies and commercial evolution, ED - Safety and health and environment
Asset Management, Environmental and Health and Safety
This project will demonstrate an alternative approach to testing for PCBs within network assets, this project will focus on the ability to carry this testing whilst the asset remains live therefore guaranteeing supply to our customers. This project will then feed into a second project where field trials will commence to prove the solution and develop a cost effective network asset management programme.
The objectives are:
  1. To come up with a solution to test network assets which have been identified as having potential contamination of PCB’s.
  2. Develop a central database of known contaminated assets to enable a targeted replacement programme. which removes all contaminated assets before 2025
  3. Share the potential learning across all DNO’s to help facilitate the removal of all contaminated assets.
The project aims to provide a better, more cost effective solution for testing PCBs in network assets, as a result customers will benefit through a reduction in supply interruptions due to the ability to test whilst the assets remain live, reducing customer inconvenience. Other benefits include removing known environmentally hazardous assets from our network and by correctly identifying these assets will have financial benefits by targeting replacement where there is known contamination.