Dec 2018
Electricity Distribution
Virtual Statcom
Dec 2018
Aug 2020
Western Power Distribution
Yiango Mavrocostanti
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Distributed Generation and Voltage Control
The distributed generation and Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) connected to the electricity distribution network have changed the way the network is operating, causing the voltage profiles of the various substation feeders to vary significantly depending on the type of connections they have. This variation in the utilisation of the system, increases the need to manage the voltages in the network locally and dynamically in order to make the most of the available network capacity. This project, through power system studies will explore the capability of releasing network capacity by controlling the power factor of existing generators and therefore optimising the voltages locally. As part of these studies a “Virtual Statcom” will be implemented. This will be an algorithm that will be coordinating the reactive power output of generators in order to release network capacity.
1. Implementation of an algorithm in power system analysis software, which can control and coordinate the power factor of existing generators in order to increase network capacity.

2. Provide recommendations on whether the implementation of such a technology in a trial project is recommended.
The project will provide knowledge on whether a Virtual Statcom can be used to control the output of existing generators in order to increase network capacity. It will provide recommendations on the design of the Virtual Statcom algorithm, its implementation and it will also provide learning on how much capacity could potentially be released. The algorithm will be designed such that it can be applied on any network model, so that any other DNO could implement this solution to evaluate what capacity could be released using a Virtual Statcom in their network.