Aug 2016
Electricity Distribution
Carbon Tracing
Aug 2016
Mar 2018
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution South West, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution East Midlands and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
James Bennett
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Network Innovation Allowance
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
There will be thorough investigation of the numerous candidate data sources that will be required in order to make the app and website work to deliver an accurate picture of the generation breakdown and associated information. Some of this data is sourced internally (true load, solar response profiles, substation details, attached local generation) while weather, geographic information, almanac information and national generation mix are all externally to be sourced – some in real-time via live data feed/API.

The app and website will be rolled out across all of WPD’s areas. In order to obtain access to interested customers we will be partnering with the Carbon Trust. They will be actively working with WPD and the customers to manage interest groups and trials with customers to monitor uptake with us throughout the project.

The Carbon Trust carried out their research on the project as part of their scope of work. This concluded that an agile approach is more appropriate to the development of an app and the website. In order to achieve this it is necessary to reshape the originally foreseen delivery schedule and carry out the activities over a longer timescale. The project objectives remain exactly the same, although the approach has been adjusted.

Because the approach Is changing to an agile delivery method over the course of a longer duration the budget is increasing to £327k. This includes the additional digital marketing campaign costs.

The project will address a perception that customers are increasingly interested in how their energy is made up. We continue to see the adoption of Solar and Wind generation and as such being able to tell a customer what the mix is like at any point in time is deemed valuable. Having created an app and website we will then test with local groups before a cross WPD implementation enabling customers to see their generation mix and allow for their own generation as well.

Once this is available to all, we will then measure interest across the WPD area.

Success will be measured within the trials and then monitored once live.

We will also be monitoring how we can make the calculation more accurate over time.