Aug 2016
Electricity Distribution
LV Plus
Aug 2016
Aug 2018
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution South West, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution East Midlands and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
Ben Godfrey
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Network Innovation Allowance
LV & 11kV Networks
By the end of this project we expect to have developed a prototype which would be at a sufficient TRL to enable large-scale trials and commercial launch within 3-years.

The completion of the project combined with the individual partners’ expertise will enable the ideas & products developed to be adapted for almost any LV distribution network.


  • Develop a performance specification for the system
  • Carry out R&D of different control and protection strategies to meet regulatory/H&S requirements and assess alternative PEC circuits
  • Design, build and test a number of different prototype PECs
  • Develop and build a number of new 3C SiC MOSFETs
  • Identify, design and build a test network for the PEC system trials
  • Validate the trial data
  • Devise a road-map for future functionality and commercial development.