May 2016
Electricity Distribution
Superconducting Cables – Network Feasibility Study
May 2016
Jul 2017
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution South West, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution East Midlands and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
Yiango Mavrocostanti (Innovation & Low Carbon Networks Engineer)
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Network Innovation Allowance
High Voltage Technology and Conductors
The project will assess the benefits and technical issues of using superconducting cables to provide additional capacity in dense urban environments. In such locations land prices or availability can be problematic in establishing new substations.

This project is a feasibility study with the aim to improve knowledge of the technology’s benefits, challenges and costs to determine whether a demonstration project is appropriate.

A comprehensive review of superconducting cable technology is presented. A case study of how the technology can bring benefits to WPD’s networks is demonstrated and a relationship with manufacturers has been established. A viable pathway leading to a trial project is recommended where full details of capital and operating costs is documented.