Apr 2016
Electricity Distribution
LV Connect & Manage
Apr 2016
Apr 2019
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution South West, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution East Midlands and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
Benjamin Godfrey - Innovation & Low Carbon Networks Engineer
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Network Innovation Allowance
LV & 11kV Networks, Network Monitoring, Low Carbon Generation, Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicles and Distributed Generation
LV Connect and Manage Architecture

The architecture for the LV Connect and Manage solution will be developed, defining the specification and location of monitoring, communications and control infrastructure elements. This architecture will provide a replicable template for WPD and other DNOs to use in their Licence Areas.

Monitoring of LCTs

The aggregated impact of different types of LCTs (EV chargers and Solar-Battery installations) will be monitored in terms of three-phase power and voltage at up to 6 of WPD’s distribution substations in the trial area. The monitored parameters will be compared with operational limits to understand the headroom that currently exists.

Active Management of LCTs

Based on the architecture and informed by the substation monitoring, WPD will design, build and operate the LV Connect and Manage infrastructure for the trial period. This will involve the installation of battery energy storage and EV charge point devices in up to 100 domestic dwellings (where PV installations and EVs have clustered). WPD will also install the systems to control the LCTs in real time, using a fine granularity of control signals to maximise the connection of LCTs to the network.

This project will result in a set of new policies for deploying the LV Connect and Manage solution. This will encompass guides for the specification, design and installation of the LV ANM technologies.

The objectives of this project are to trial and demonstrate the following:

  1. Broadband over powerline, providing the communications solution between distribution substations and customers (enabling the bi-directional power flow control of LCTs)
  2. ANM solutions with intelligence distributed into the LV network to monitor and control LCTs in realtime and optimize import / export patterns within operational limits
  3. ANM solutions, as a short or long term alternative to network reinforcement, in areas where network constraints are becoming a problem due to the localized uptake of LCTs
  4. New business processes, based on proven, off-the-shelf technology, which can be quickly and costeffectively deployed to connect and manage LV customers’ LCTs.
  1. Demonstration of the active management of low carbon technologies (energy storage and electric vehicles) by controlling load profiles and alleviating electricity network constraints.

  2. Development of a replicable architecture for the LV ANM solution, which can be utilised by WPD in their other Licence Areas and by other DNOs, more generally.

  3. Development of novel business processes for deploying ANM technologies into LV networks. (This will include the specification and development of an installation guide for the LV ANM technologies).