Feb 2016
Electricity Distribution
Global Analysis of Smart Grid Telecommunications Solutions
Feb 2016
Mar 2017
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution South West, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution East Midlands and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
Gary McElroy – WPD Infrastructure Manager (Telecoms)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Comms & IT
The supplier will undertake an analysis of Global Smart Grid deployments particularly the Telecommunications infrastructure required to support Smart Grids. The report will focus on identifying and quantifying the following:
  • Smart Grid site types
  • Smart Grid Layers
  • Smart Grid Architecture
  • Smart Grid Services
  • Smart Grid Data flows
  • Smart Grid Security (Physical and Cyber)
  • Applicable Telecommunications and IT solutions

The purpose of this project is to complete a comprehensive global analysis of proposed and deployed Smart Grid Telecommunications solutions as well as identifying and quantifying the specific architectures, services and data-flows within the Smart Grid.

By better understanding the Smart Grid as a whole, informed decisions can be made regarding future deployment of Smart Grid solutions and how that will interact with or replace legacy communications systems within the UK Distribution Networks.

There are multiple success criteria:
  • Identifying and quantifying site types to be considered for Smart Grid adaptation
  • Identifying and quantifying Smart Grid Layers within the DNO
  • Identifying and quantifying applicable Smart Grid Architectures
  • Identifying and quantifying current and emerging Smart Grid Services
  • Identifying, quantifying and characterizing Smart Grid Data Flows
  • Identifying and quantifying DNO Smart Grid Security – Physical and cyber security
  • Identifying a wide range of Telecommunications & IT systems