Jul 2015
Electricity Distribution
Improved Statistical Ratings for Distribution Overhead Lines
Jul 2015
Jul 2018
Western Power Distribution, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, SP Energy Networks, Northern Powergrid, Electricity North West Limited and UK Power Networks
Paul Jewell - Policy Manager; Sven Hoffman - Company Overhead Line Engineer
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Network Innovation Allowance
This project will use the test rig facility to gather 2 years of conductor and weather data. This data will be analysed to validate and update overhead line ratings, update existing tools and methodologies, and produce a software tool that will enable GB DNOs to further optimise regional or line specific ratings.
  • To monitor the weather conditions and co-incident temperatures of various conductors at various current levels in order to provide a new dataset for the assessment of the weather risk element of probabilistic ratings and to derive a methodology for quantifying this risk, in combination with load risks, in order to calculate line ratings.
  • To update ENA ER P27 and ENA ACE 104.
  • To validate the updated CIGRÉ methodology for calculating conductor temperature from load and weather data, allowing the possibility of future “desk top” re-runs of the project to cover different locations and time periods.
  • To update existing software tools, and to provide a new software tool to enable more comprehensive (regional or line specific) rating assessments to be made.
  • To engage with the Met Office to enable rapid provision of appropriate weather data sets.
  • Sufficient data collection to build a robust model of overhead line ratings.

  • Analysis of that data to produce a model that enables more robust rating of overhead lines than the current model.

  • A new software tool to enable more comprehensive (regional or line specific) rating assessments to be made.

  • A robust, accurately informed revision of ENA ACE 104 and ENA ER P27.