Apr 2015
Electricity Distribution
Losses Investigation
Apr 2015
May 2019
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution East Midlands, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution South West and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
Chris Harrap - WPD Innovation & Low Carbon Engineer
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Safety and health and environment
Asset Management, Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Environmental, LV & 11kV Networks, Measurement, Network Monitoring and Substation Monitoring
This project aims to further our understanding of technical losses on the distribution network and help us target them in a cost effective manner. As 72% of technical losses occur on the HV and LV networks, these will be the focus of the project. Losses before the feeder circuit breaker, beyond the meter as well as non-technical losses will not be investigated. The initial investigations will cover the effects of different loading types and patterns on the various networks, determining their effects on losses and where they are most prevalent. This will be incorporated into an initial losses model to test our understanding against the measured values. The second stage of the project will move to predicting losses with reduced data sets. The accuracy of these predictions will be tested against the measured values. This will allow us to determine the minimum information required to target losses and help create the template for a losses register.

1) Understand technical losses on the LV and HV network
2) Determine the minimum information to accurately predict network losses

1) Construction of fully monitored HV and LV networks

2) Measurement of network losses on monitored feeders

3) Accurate modelling of losses with full information

4) Several models with limited data sets created and tested

5) Conclusion on level of information needed to accurately predict losses