Jan 2013
Electricity Distribution
Electric Boulevards (Continuation of Project LCNF_WPDT1009)
Jan 2013
Sep 2015
Western Power Distribution, Western Power Distribution South West, Western Power Distribution South Wales, Western Power Distribution East Midlands and Western Power Distribution West Midlands
Ben Godfrey – WPD Innovation & Low Carbon Engineer
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Network Innovation Allowance
Infrastructure will be installed to provide connection to three IPT chargers in the Milton Keynes area using a number of different arrangements.

HV and LV monitoring will be installed before and after IPT charger commissioning in order to retrieve background harmonic levels.

1. Install HV and LV monitoring devices on the adjacent network

2. Conduct preliminary lab testing of the IPT charger

3. Connect IPT chargers to the network using innovative techniques

4. Demonstrate charge deferral based upon network constraints

5. Develop an IPT charger connection policy