Aug 2017
Electricity Distribution
Black Cab Green
Aug 2017
Aug 2018
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Thazi Edwards
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electric Vehicles
  • Taxis and private hire vehicles licenced in Greater London

  • Taxi Drivers using residential/on-street (“overnight”) parking (these are therefore the expected charging locations for vehicles in future)

  • Operated by owner-operators who will charge at home (commercial or share use vehicles will be heavily dependent on rapid charger networks, which are outside the scope of this work)

  • Uptake as a minimum to 2022 (date at which emissions regulations will be fully enforced), but data likely to allow analysis up to 2025

The objective of this project is to deliver a robust forecast of the uptake and impact of plug-in taxis within the London area, allowing UK Power Networks to manage the network impact and risks associated with the plug-in vehicle uptake which will be accelerated by the ‘zero emission by 2022’ scheme.

The delivery of the following outcomes will be considered when assessing whether the project has been successful:

  1. Calculation of expected demand (volumes and load forecast) and impact from EV taxis charging on residential networks until a minimum of 2022 (preferably 2025)
  2. Identification of at risk network types i.e. establish any correlation between EV demand and certain network types/ configurations
  3. Solution recommendations to manage impacted networks to asset management and innovation team (where to focus more research)
  4. Longer-term engagement strategy developed for taxi community over the coming years as electrification of taxis increases
  5. 5) Enhancements recommended to our planning tools and processes to facilitate connection of higher volumes of EVs