Feb 2021
Electricity Distribution
Smart Cable Guard
Feb 2021
Feb 2023
UK Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Michael Quinn
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - New technologies and commercial evolution
Asset Management, Condition Monitoring, Fault Management, LV & 11kV Networks, Measurement and Resilience
At present UK Power Networks (UKPN) are observing approximately 1,900 underground high voltage HV (HV) cable failures per year, across 45,000 km of HV cables. This requires a large expenditure on unscheduled repairs. There is currently no solution in the UK that allows online monitoring of Partial Discharge (PD) of  HV cables as well as locating a fault or incipient faults further than the first leg of the feeder. There are a number of solutions which look at PD from the Primary substation however these only measure the first leg out of a feeder and they also require further location to find the exact location of the fault or PD.
The main objective is to establish if this technology can be used on UKPN’s network and how it may be used  to plan for repairs proactively. The project will entail trialling the equipment and testing its capability in identifying weak spots and fault locations. Cable samples will then be taken from the weak spots and analysed. There will also be an element of leaving the weak spots on the network and seeing how the PD behaves between the time it is picked up to the point of failure.