Nov 2020
Electricity Distribution
Socially Green
Nov 2020
May 2022
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Romina Arefin
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
Community Schemes, Demand Side Management, Environmental and Stakeholder Engagement
Historically, the distribution network operators’ (DNOs) role and interaction with customers was mostly led by the need to manage outages. As we transition to a distribution system operator (DSO) and customers choose to interact with the network for other services, it is important to reconfigure our services to address the needs of all our customers.
It is fundamental for network services to be inclusive and fair, to make sure that no one is left behind as we transition to a net zero future. The increased uptake of low carbon technologies (LCTs) integrated into our network may result in early need of network reinforcement if flexibility can’t be procured from customer side due to exclusion. There is a need to increase our understanding of future vulnerability and disadvantage in a world that is transitioning to net zero. Currently no comprehensive customer segment mapping in this context is available and this gap is a limitation to networks’ ability to support vulnerable customers (VCs) in an effective way.
The main output from the project will be a comprehensive understanding of future customer vulnerabilities and localised service needs. The implementation of a new range of services and solutions will result in an improved service that will be more inclusive, fairer and better suited to the needs of our future VCs and disadvantaged customers. This will support better access to the benefits associated with the net zero transition.