Jul 2020
Electricity Distribution
White Van Plan
Jul 2020
Oct 2022
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Florentine Roy
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
Commercial, Demand Response, Electric Vehicles, LV & 11kV Networks, Modelling and Stakeholder Engagement
Over the past few years, DNOs have been working in the EV space to understand future customer needs and potential network impacts, to ultimately develop new technical and commercial solutions enabling future EV uptake in a timely and cost-effective manner. While the needs of residential customers and large commercial fleets in the EV transition is already being studied in ongoing projects, SMEs may have different needs, and they may struggle with transport electrification if there is no tailored strategy to address the specific challenges they may experience.
1.      Get to know the SME customer group and segment it into transportation-relevant categories. Understand their technical, operational and commercial specific needs;

2.      Investigate the interests and needs of SME categories in transitioning to EVs;

3.      Engage with SMEs to establish an efficient communication structure with each SME segment;

4.      Investigate the potential impacts on the network of SME transport electrification; and
Investigate the potential network solutions to facilitate EV transition specific to SME segments.