May 2020
Electricity Distribution
Line Search
May 2020
Jul 2021
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Ludivine Zanga
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Safety and health and environment
Asset Management, Health and Safety and Stakeholder Engagement
Inaccurate underground infrastructure data are being sent out to thousands of users on a daily basis with no recommended avenue for improvement through the existing systems. 

Line Search Before You Dig (LSBUD) was the first step trying to utilise survey feedback data to improve the data accuracy and much more.
The objectives are:

·         To make third party ‘User’ data available to UK Power Networks and visualise it in GSA.

·         To assess the feasibility of using this data to improve safety, improve data quality, fault location, third party damage prevention and cost recovery for a trial area which has vectorised data.

·         To determine the scale of ‘User’ feedback and feasibility of roll-out across UK Power Networks.
To understand the impact on ‘User’ relations.