Oct 2018
Electricity Distribution
Storm Joint
Oct 2018
Nov 2020
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Boris-Emanuel Yazadzhiyan
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management, Conductors, Fault Management and Overhead Lines
Storms are known to cause a large volume of faults on electricity networks, many of which affect the high voltage (HV) overhead line (OHL) network. This results in area specific outages, which potentially leaves customers vulnerable and without electricity until a mobile generator can be connected, or repairs are carried out and the network is made safe. Due to the nature of overhead faults, currently only a select set of personnel (linesmen) are qualified to restore the network. Typically large parts of the network is affected under a storm situation, leaving the customers without electricity until trained resource becomes available to attend their area.
-       The procedure, risk assessment, and user guidance will be created prior to BAU transition

-       Bespoke training course and video will be developed to ensure the repairs can be done during a storm

-       All of the trial equipment will be procured in time to allow training

-       Repair process will be optimised throughout the trial

-       Trial delivery strategy will be set up

o    Optimal storage location for equipment

o    Maintenance and inspection of equipment

o    Communication between Dispatch, Control, Emergency Planning and new repair teams

-       Repair process effectiveness will be evaluated and considered for BAU