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Jul 2018
Jan 2021
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Network Innovation Allowance
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Overhead Lines
This project has produced new specification for Engineered Poles and the second phase of this project will demonstrate whether they are fit for procurement activities.
Phase 1: Develop a draft specification for alternative engineered poles. The draft specifications developed will be agreed by the whole industry through the ENA/CEP.

Phase 2 : Completed Trial and completed Business as Usual standards will focus on testing the engineered poles against this draft specification within the manufacturing facility and installing(trialing) the new engineered poles on a UKPN 33kV line. The current proposed trial will require 6-10 poles in total.
Furthermore following the completion of the trial UKPN will work on the BAU documentation to enable the use of engineered poles in UK Power Networks  and other DNOs complying with the specifications developed on phase 1 of this project.