May 2018
Electricity Distribution
Timed Connection Software Development
May 2018
Mar 2020
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Sung Pil Oe
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future and ED - New technologies and commercial evolution
Asset Management, Commercial, Demand Side Management, Electric Vehicles and LV & 11kV Networks
There is an increasing interest from commercial and fleet vehicle operators to adopt Electric Vehicles (EVs) as their primary mode of transportation. This shift to electric transport brings with it the requirement for significant upgrade to the power supply to the location where the EVs will be charged. A couple of examples are outlined below:
-    Case Study 1: 500kVA prior connection supply, 1.25MVA fixed maximum capacity expected after reinforcement upgrade, costing £600,0000
-    Case Study 2: 250kVA prior connection supply, 2.5MVA fixed maximum capacity expected after reinforcement upgrade, costing £261,600

As outlined above, the power demand of the commercial EV fleet operators tends to be large and concentrated. The implications being:
-    Significant capacity required from the electricity network
-    Potential for reinforcement to be triggered causing a financial impact on customers
-    Potential for extended timelines of EV deployment in response to upgrades

Objectives and outcomes of the project include:

·  Develop and deliver a long-term enduring solution to analysing the network for opportunity for timed connections. The software solution will identify the discrete periods in a 24-hour timescale what the typical peak demand on network is and how much additional load can be accommodated
·  Identify an appropriate solution (stand-alone or integrated to existing systems) and vendor with a suitable operation and maintenance arrangement
·  Determine the system requirements with the main users (UK Power Networks’ planning teams) and smart-grid development team
·  Establish an enduring policy for the application (i.e. how and when to offer customers this solution) and assessment (i.e. how to use the tool) of timed connections
·  Roll-out the tool and deliver training as necessary to encourage super user adoption