Mar 2018
Electricity Distribution
Mobile Field Control
Mar 2018
Dec 2020
UK Power Networks and Eastern Power Networks
David O'Riordan and Alex Jakeman
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Network Innovation Allowance

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the benefits of Mobile Field Control which are in respect of improved customer service for distribution customers.  The proposed solution will improve quality of supply on the network by reducing the time taken for Engineers to get customers back on supply.   This is a first of a kind solution which will set out a framework for using Mobile Field Control to improve customer service and operational efficiency.


It is anticipated that the trials will demonstrate improved performance in Customer Minutes Lost when using Mobile Field Control rather than existing Field Control and mobile solutions, which currently cannot be aligned due to technical limitations.


Another objective of the project is to design and approve the relevant changes to existing business processes and policies which will enable smooth transition of these solutions into business-as-usual.