Nov 2017
Electricity Distribution
Assessment & Testing of Alternative Cut-outs
Nov 2017
Jan 2019
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Network Innovation Allowance
LV & 11kV Networks
The scope of the project is to identify alternative, more reliable cut out equipment used by non-GB DNOs (or novel arrangements and practices) and prove they are suitable for replacing the ones currently used by GB DNOs.

The main benefits expected from the project can be summarised below:Safety benefits: The project is looking to identify, test and approve a more reliable and robust cut-out assembly, compared to the ones currently used by GB DNOs. Learning from the project will also be used to inform standards and recommendations around the inspection requirements for cut-outs. Both aim to decrease the risk of disruptive cut-out failures and consequently any related safety risks.Financial benefits:

  • Following the point above, there will be a reduced risk to damaging third party assets and property. Therefore, we expect that following the project fewer insurance claims will be made against GB DNOs.

  • Avoiding disruptive cut out failure will also help reduce the amount spent on investigation fees following cut-out faults.

  • By targeting the replacement of cut-outs (starting with the highest risk types), a decrease in the number of reactive cut-out replacement following the report of a defect or failure is anticipated. There will also be a financial benefit from having planned rather than unplanned replacements.

Network reliability: More robust and reliable cut-out assemblies on the network and more informed cut-out inspection regimes will mean less disruptive cut out failures. This will increase GB network’s reliability and help avoid power cuts.

The objectives of the project can be summarised as follows:

  • Identify alternative cut out equipment used outside of GB and prove that they are suitable for replacing in service cut-outs.
  • Identify novel arrangements and practices from DNOs outside of GB and assess whether or not they can negate some of the known problems that existing cut-outs in GB have.
  • Generate and disseminate enough learning to drive more informed inspection, maintenance and replacement cut-out regimes within each GB DNO.
  • Generate and disseminate enough learning to influence the BS 7657 and the ENA engineering recommendation for inspecting cut-outs.
The project will be successful if it manages to satisfy the following criteria:
  • Identify alternative cut-outs (to the currently in-service cut-outs in the UK) to trial in the testing cells (following the desktop review and assessment)

  • Prove whether the alternative cut outs identified are suitable for replacing current cut outs used by DNOs in GB

  • If they are suitable-

o Provide evidence to enable BS 7657 and the ENA engineering recommendation for inspecting cut-outs to be revised based on final recommendationso Facilitate more informed decisions on inspection, maintenance and replacement of cut-outs and influence relevant regimes within each DNO