Oct 2017
Electricity Distribution
Recharge the Future
Oct 2017
Jan 2019
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Jack Lewis Wilkinson & Thazi Edwards
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Network Innovation Allowance
Electric Vehicles and Modelling
The project will model the growth and profiles of on street, work, residential and commercial chargers connected directly and indirectly to the LV, HV & EHV distribution networks. Commercial fleet depots will not be included in this study. This is due to:

  • These connections are expected to be sporadic in nature, making it impossible to predict the date, size, load profile and location that these depots will connect.

These connections must be approved by the network operator, so will not contribute to unplanned capacity shortfalls.

  • Publish a report on the outputs of the Charge Use Study’s relevant learning.
  • Revise the EV forecasting tool based on the Charger Use Study findings.
  • Test the revised EV forecasting tool by developing revised load forecasts and assessing the potential impact on investment required in the medium to long term.
The success of the project will be judged against the following criteria:

  • The load forecasting tool is adapted so that the accuracy of its electric vehicle module is enhanced at a substation level.

  • A study is undertaken to understand the way in which various charging infrastructures will be used in the future, developing a series of scenarios to illustrate the uncertainties and sensitivities which the load forecast will have.

  • The study and forecasting model will be used to generate a series of forecasts which will be used to conduct impact analyses of the network.