Sep 2017
Electricity Distribution
Sep 2017
Jan 2020
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Maxi Faridi
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future
Distributed Generation and Low Carbon Generation
The pre-requisite work of raising the temperature of the circuit to run at 70 degrees will be required before installing Power Guardian and PowerLine Guardian devices which is outside the scope of this project. This will be done as part of business as usual activity and will increase the capacity of only the PJ route. Unfortunately the impedance variation will simply attract the same overload condition on the PJ in the coming years, thus the need to trial innovative solutions to balance power flows in 132kV overhead line networks.

The scope of this project is as follows:

  • Detailed curtailment studies to confirm the actual reactance required on PJ route of Bramford GSP to Lawford Grid substations;
  • Add approximately 1.8 ohms (to be confirmed following detailed studies) onto PJ route of Bramford to Lawford 132kV Grid substation. This will include:

o Install PowerLine Guardian units on PJ route;o Install Power Guardian units onto PJ route at Lawford Grid substation. This includes carrying out civils and foundation works at Lawford Grid substation to support the equipment;

  • Commissioning of the modular power flow control solution and integration of the units within UK Power Networks’ control system;
  • Testing of the control modes for the SmartWire solution to balance impedance on the circuit;
  • Unlock additional capacity on PJ route by adding SmartWire solutions in combination; and
  • Publish a paper on the work undertaken to share the knowledge with GB DNOs (via ENA or other forums).

The aims of the project are:

• Resolve existing system constraints between Bramford GSP and Lawford Grid substations;
• Utilise the underutilised circuits by controlling power flows and avoid the need for reinforcement;
• Create network capacity for new generation or demand customers through more efficient utilisation of existing assets; 
• Trial various communication and control modes for the SmartWire solutions. This will include the observation of benefits of being able to dynamically control the power flow on the circuits with little or no control centre action;
• Increase ability for UK Power Networks to address system constraints quickly and meet short term network needs;
• Increase the infrastructure planners’ toolbox of deployable smart solutions before traditional methods are deployed; and
• Publish a paper on the work undertaken to share the knowledge generated from the use of Power Guardian and PowerLine Guardian devices on the network (via ENA or other forum).

The project will be deemed successful if:
  • SmartWire technology PowerLine Guardian and Power Guardian trialled on the PJ route;
  • SmartWire solutions demonstrate ability to control power flows on the circuits between Bramford GSP to Lawford Grid as required; and
  • Documentation on installation and operation of SmartWire’s Modular Power Flow Control solutions is completed and shared with other DNOs within Great Britain.