Sep 2016
Electricity Distribution
Domestic Energy Storage & Control
Sep 2016
Jun 2018
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
UKPN Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Energy Storage and Demand Response
Install and monitor the load profiles of up to 60 residential energy storage units. The following shows the workstreams and deliverables.

1. Programme delivery

  • Successful delivery of the project objectives
2. Trial design
  • Monitoring trial Design
  • Active control trial design
3. Recruitment/install
  • Recruitment and Installation
  • Decommissioning and uninstall monitoring
4. Trial operations
  • Trial Operations
  • Active control trial implementation
5. Reporting
  • Project reports and external comms
  1. Determine the minimum requirements from the DNO for the installation of Small-Scale Energy Storage (SSES) to domestic properties – connection/application/notification
  2. Define typical load profile of a PV and storage-equipped household for modelling the long term effects of SSES on the distribution network
  3. Improve DNOs’ understanding of the residential energy solutions market
  4. Gain insights into customer and DNO value propositions from aggregated SSES applications
  1. Creation of policy recommendations about notification and permissions

  2. Production of load profile(s) for properties with solar PV and SSES to inform business planning load growth forecast model and LV modelling tools