May 2016
Electricity Distribution
OHL Fault Location Concept and Directional Earth Fault Passage Indication
May 2016
May 2019
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Peter Lang
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Fault Management
The scope of the project is to address time spent searching for overhead line faults; the duration of the outage; and the inability, currently, to detect developing faults. The scope of the project is 11kV overhead lines, which may or may not be fitted with existing visual Fault Passage Indicators (FPIs) and automatic sectionalising links (ASLs), but where fitted these devices do not report in via SCADA to our control room.

The project aims to further reduce search times by identifying that permanent faults as being down a particular spur, or locating them to a particular location between sectionalisation points on the main line. Secondly, it aims to demonstrate that developing or “incipient” faults can be reliably detected.

The project will be deemed to have been successful when:
  • at least one developing or “incipient” fault has been detected;

  • the combination of Fault Passage Indicators, Tollgrade Lighthouse Power Sensors and existing equipment is successfully discriminating the correct spur which has faulted, or identifying that the fault is on the main line; and in the latter case, is providing a location estimate.