Apr 2016
Electricity Distribution
Optimising overhead line conductor inspection & condition assessment
Apr 2016
Jan 2018
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Lynne McDonald
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Network Innovation Allowance
Overhead Lines, Asset Management and Conductors
The enhanced inspection method is planned to be trialled on a proportion of ASCR conductor spans and potentially also AAAC.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Identify new technologies or existing off-the shelf equipment that can monitor the condition of overhead line conductors to detect their common failure modes.
  • Understand through trialling the new technologies or equipment the ease of deployment, the effectiveness and reliability of the techniques, safety, cost and time considerations.
  • Produce a roadmap of the transition from the current techniques used to inspect and measure ASCR conductor condition to the new technologies and equipment.
  • Explore the commercial mechanisms that could be considered to implement the new technologies or equipment.
  • Produce policies and procedures, along with training manuals for deployment of the techniques.
The following will be considered when assessing whether the project has been successful:

  • Collection of overhead line inspection practices used worldwide and evaluation relative to the GB DNO market.

  • A list of suppliers and their contact details that provide services for the inspection of overhead line conductors, along with the techniques (tested and untested) they are able to offer as an alternative to the traditional Cormon technique.

  • Alternative techniques trialled for conductor condition assessment.

  • A roadmap of the potential commercial routes to implement the new technologies or equipment.

  • Produce/update policies and procedures along with training materials.