Nov 2015
Electricity Distribution
Tunnel Data Capture Enhancement
Nov 2015
May 2017
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Lynne McDonald
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Network Innovation Allowance
Comms & IT
This project will be applicable to all GB DNO and third party tunnels containing electrical assets. These assets are expected to primarily be LV, HV and EHV cables and associated joints.

The enhanced inspection method will be trialled on a proportion of tunnels within UK Power Networks area.

The objectives of the project are to:

·         Identify methods of inspection that are currently used on other assets that enable enhanced data capture.

·         Capture sufficient data as part of tunnel inspections in order to reduce the need for staff to enter tunnels and enable condition based monitoring of tunnel sections. This will provide a reduced chance of injury to staff and minimised risk of failure of equipment by employing a proactive approach to improved inspection and monitoring.

·         Test the identified methods and/or peer review to confirm observations noted that provide a true representation of the degrading health of the assets.

·         Develop the tunnel inspection strategy to enable a condition based monitoring approach to tunnel inspections.

The success of the project will be judged against the four objectives described below:

  • Recommended list of tunnel inspection techniques
  • Test case report on the innovative inspection techniques in tunnels

  • Developed tunnel inspection strategy that includes condition based monitoring of assets within tunnels.