Sep 2015
Electricity Distribution
Underground HV Cable Research
Sep 2015
Jun 2017
UK Power Networks, Eastern Power Networks, London Power Networks and South Eastern Power Networks
Lynne McDonald & Maxi Faridi
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Network Innovation Allowance
High Voltage Technology
The scope of this project is to build an underground cable prioritisation model for HV underground cables by using a proactive and methodical approach. This will be achieved by using forensic analysis results on number of HV cable samples and data collated from various UK Power Networks systems.

The objective of the project is to identify high risk underground HV cables. This will enable us to carry out planned interventions and to manage fault occurrences, thereby maintaining system reliability.

Condition assessment through forensic analysis will enable us to better understand the degradation mechanism of high voltage underground cables which can be used to potentially prevent any fault occurrence due to degradation.

Collation of asset information from various sources and forensic analysis results will allow us to build an underground cable prioritisation model.  This model will be used to optimise asset investment by targeted intervention of high risk HV cables.

The following will be considered when assessing if the project has been successful:

  • Successful collection of a number of HV underground cable samples for forensic analysis

  • Improvement in the understanding of HV underground cables and their deterioration through forensic analysis

  • Collation of cable information from various UK Power Networks systems

  • Development of cable prioritisation model