Nov 2015
Electricity Distribution
Assessment of Remotely Operated Mulching Methods
Nov 2015
Nov 2016
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution and Southern Electric Power Distribution
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
The purpose of this project is to investigate if using remotely operated forestry machinery can significantly reduce the cost and the potential for safety incidents during forestry mulching.

There is a project plan in place to cover the following steps;

A task specific risk assessment will be created by our business representatives and engineering policy teams that will consider all the potential hazards or issues associated with the new machinery.

A new work programme specific to the task will be developed for the duration of the trial based upon the current programme carried out under traditional methods.

A review of the available plant and equipment across all working environments will be undertaken to identify the most appropriate equipment for the field trials. The equipment will then be purchased or hired depending on pricing and availability.

Staff to be involved in the project from an operational perspective will be selected based on their experience of the current method and experience in using heavy machinery. Training will be provided at this stage to ensure that persons in control of the plant will have the correct authorisations required.

A 6 month trial period will be undertaken using the machine and the operatives and their supervisors will provide feedback and continual assessment as to their benefits.

The results from the trial will be used to make a comparison between the current method and the innovative method and assess the viability of the innovative method from a consideration of financial and safety factors.

- Define risk assessment for the use of plant
- Develop trial work programme
- Evaluate commercially available options based upon the programme
- Procure machine and carry out training
- Commence trial period of 6 months
- Compare methods and determine the viability of the innovative method

The project will determine the viability of the use of remotely operated mulching methods