Oct 2015
Electricity Distribution
Alternative Cable Installation Methods (ACIM) – Phase 1 (Feasibility Study)
Oct 2015
Jan 2017
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution and Southern Electric Power Distribution
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
The project aims to identify innovative cable installation methods that can reduce the cost of cable installation and increase the length of cables without having a joint. If the project identifies viable technologies, a second NIA project with the actual implementation will be considered.

Phase 1 (Feasibility study)

  • Undertake a requirements gathering exercise internally within SSEPD

  • Work with the standard ‘business as usual’ cable suppliers to identify the maximum length of cable that can be supplied on the cable drum.

  • Appoint an external company to undertake a ‘horizon scanning’ exercise and identify innovative solutions for cable installation. The company will also support SSEPD in the supplier selection process.

  • Undertake a procurement exercise in order to identify and select candidate innovative solutions for cable installation.

  • Develop a report with recommendations in order to proceed to the design phase

  • Undertake site selection and select appropriate installation method(s)

  • Agree commercial terms with the parties of the supply chain that will need to be coordinated in order to provide the identified innovative solution(s).• Arrange with the supply chain (cable installers, cable suppliers, product developers, etc.) the development of the deployment plan of the selected methods (implementation plan, H&S plan) which is expected to include surveys of the candidate site(s).

• The project will determine whether there are innovative methods for cable installation that have the potential to reduce the cost of the cable installation/ laying exercise and/ or increase the length of cable that can be laid.
• The project will determine whether it is possible to increase the standard cable length and determine what the maximum cable length that can be manufactured and supplied within a drum is.
• The project will determine the construction/ implementation plan for the next phase. 

The project will be considered a success if it determines whether or not there are innovative methods for cable installation that have the potential to reduce costs and/ or install long sections of cable without joints.