Jun 2015
Electricity Distribution
Automated Loop Restoration
Jun 2015
Oct 2018
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution and Southern Electric Power Distribution
Joe McNeil
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Overhead Lines
Two sections of 11kV overhead line networks have been chosen which share a common switching point and this is normally kept open to separate the line sections. These two sections will be combined into an overall scheme with 8 sections by installing 7 pole mounted circuit breakers (CBs).

These 11kV circuits on the Kintyre Peninsula are supplied from sub stations at Campbeltown and Ballure.Data on supply interruptions is available and has been analyzed for the 8 year period 2007 to 2015 to establish a base line. The 7 pole mounted CBs will be installed with one placed at the common normally open point and 3 CBs on each line. The CBs will be fitted with a low cost communications option using mobile telephone technology. The operation of the scheme will not be dependent upon this communications technology but it will be used to provide information on the status of the scheme and occasional monitoring of network power flows. It is expected that installation on site will be completed for the start of winter 2015/16. We will then monitor the faults on the line for a three year period to the end of 2018. In early 2019 we will analyze the effectiveness of the scheme.

If the scheme effectively improves the network performance by reducing CIs and CHLs then it will be left in place as a business as usual deployment.

Achieve an effective reduction in CIs and CHLs over the three year trial period by 50% when compared to the base line figures for the 8 years from 2007 to 2015.
No network fault to affect 100% of customers on the feeder during the trial period.
Demonstrate that it is feasible to restore supplies to 50% of customers on the overhead line from Ballure substation towards Campbeltown, following a fault on the single 33kV circuit to Ballure sub station.

Determine the impact on network performance delivered by the automated loop restoration methodology on the trial network sections.