Apr 2015
Electricity Distribution
Field Team Support Tool
Apr 2015
Jul 2018
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network maps overlaid on geographic maps are the base of the information provided. The documentation added will be tied to the staff job function, and downloaded as needed by the operative. The background IT support work will develop the CIM so that data can be sent both ways. The project will not cover the requirement for control or switching, being a purely information supply system, to ensure that staff have access to the latest data relevant to their job function. The project will progress in 4 phases.

Phase 1 will demonstrate the benefits of using a tablet device for routine work, showing network maps, and standard documentation. This will be trialed using Apple iPads running IOS.

Phase 2 will start the development of the app for Android devices, and confirm the final look of the app, along with the company documentation to be included.

Phase 3 will add in historical data, using data taken from other company systems via the CIM.

Phase 4 will add integration with the company Outage Management System to allow for tasking, and task updates from the field.

1) To determine the user interface to be used for Field staff to interact with the data sources.
2) Demonstrate that data can be transferred between the tablet and the server in a standardised and secure format that is immune to external interference.
3) Evaluate the scalability of the system, being able to record and display many thousands of reports. The system should show that it is able to support the full lifecycle of each report.
4) Identify whether or not the system is able to maintain data integrity.
5) Confirm that data security is maintained.
6) Demonstrate the benefits for a full scale rollout, and the costs that would be involved.

1) Evaluate the usability of the tablet.

2) Show back end applications being updated from the tablet, and the new data passed back to the tablet and displayed.

3) Demonstrate that the system can cope with the required level of traffic to and from the CIM.

4) Demonstrate the security of the device, and the ability to delete the device from server control, and delete access to the application remotely.